Since 2004, God has used Summit Heights Fellowship to impact the Wood County area and beyond. Summit Heights Fellowship has experienced dynamic growth in a rural setting which is something very unique. The heartbeat of Summit Heights is to “connect people to God and others…relationship”.

Here's How it Started:

On April 2004, God brought together 5 families for the purpose of planting a strong, culturally relevant church that would minister to Wood County and surrounding areas with the love and message of Jesus Christ, and on June 3, 2004 Summit Heights Fellowship was founded. Church staff was secured with a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor of Worship, Associate Pastor of Students, Associate Pastor of Children. The church became known for love and caring for God's people with the mission of connecting people to God and others. By the spring of 2007, Summit Heights Fellowship had grown considerably. During this time, the location of weekly worship services was moved to a local High School Auditorium to accommodate the space and financial needs of the church. The Church leadership began investigating what would be necessary to purchase land, establish a church building and develop a 20 year master plan. In 2008 The opportunity arose and we purchased and later sold 12 acres on Hwy 80 East of Hawkins, Texas. Eight months after purchasing the acreage, an offer came to purchase a 26,000 sq. ft. building on 2869 for a price well below it's value. The building was a free span metal warehouse on FM 2869 that housed a hardware store, and was perfect for a church. We purchased the building and renovated 16,000 sq ft. The joy of inhabiting our current Church facility is expanded in our hearts because the Church body did the majority of the demolition, construction and preparation of the building personally. Members gathered daily and together turned the hardware store into a wonderfully warm place of Worship and service for Our Lord. With continued growth, Summit Heights Fellowship has become one of the largest churches in the area, offering ministries for the whole family. Many call it "the church that helps people". The Fall of 2012 and 2013 brought exciting as we finished out the existing building adding 12,000 sq ft of state of the art teaching and gathering environments for children, youth and adults. With the addition of this space we have been able to more adequately serve the congregation and provide for future growth as well. The Fall of 2013 brought even new changes as we added a second service on Sunday. We now offer two exciting services every week at 9:00AM and 11:00AM with full Children's Ministry. We are just getting started, join the excitement this Sunday at either of our services. We are on mission for the Lord. Isaiah 62 tells us that "those who call on the Lord, do not rest". We are motivated by the call to lead people to God and to connect, grow and serve Him in our community.